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Solar Energy 911 only uses trusted brands and companies with strongest track record when choosing the equipment for the installation in your home!

About Us

Our Vision

We help families and businesses to live a happier and healthier lifestyle by providing a
full range of services geared towards clean, low cost, renewable energy. From detailed
consultation to full-service installation; professionalism and environmental awareness
combine to give clients an opportunity to affect their energy consumption in a positive way.

Our Mission

To provide residential and commercial clients of all sizes with cost effective solutions to their
energy needs and offer professional advice on a full-range of services. We take pride in our
services and we stand strong behind our products. Long lasting customer satisfaction is our
number one priority. We are intent on allowing customers our full attention, bringing a mom &
pop shop feel to their home.

Turn Key Systems

• When we take on the project, we do it 100%. From engineering and permitting to
rebate filing, installation and interconnection, we do it all. You can just sit back
and watch us do what we love, help you switch to solar energy!

• Our teams of experts make sure that your system is designed to the highest
standard and superior efficiency.

• Going solar with Solar Energy 911 is easy, fun, and affordable!