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4 kW solar installation in West Hills, CA. Great example that even a town house deserves a solar system and HOA does not mind, as long as you do it right, and we know how!

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Environmental Benefit

Do your part in moving away from fossil fuels by helping to lessen our dependency on foreign oil. Switch to limitless renewable energy, which will effectively reduce your carbon footprint. The average household emits about 16,290 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. This number can be reduced by more than 50%, while also reducing the amount of waste created without a solar system.

Social Responsibility

There exists a social responsibility in doing your part for the environment, and solar energy is a great contribution. Going solar can help benefit future generations and strengthen domestic economies. The environmental benefits for going solar are outstanding for the present and future. You are doing your neighbor a favor by installing solar panels. Reducing your own use of non-renewable resources, and leading by example, you can effectively increase the quality of life for yourself and those around you.