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4 kW solar installation in West Hills, CA. Great example that even a town house deserves a solar system and HOA does not mind, as long as you do it right, and we know how!


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Solar Energy 911 SolarPPA™ allows you to go solar without any capital investment and save money from day one.

5-20 year financing options, ranging from Capital Lease and PPA to more traditional financing methods.

No Upfront Cost

There is no upfront cost for you to switch to solar. Installation and maintenance of the equipment is provided by Solar Energy 911.

Operating Costs Reduced From Day One

Your utility bill will be reduced significantly when your businesses begins to generate its own power.

Between your Solar Energy 911 payment and the reduction to your electricity bill, you will end up paying less than what you pay the utility company today. Your savings will continue to grow each year as the utility rate continues to rise.

Government Incentives

Solar Energy 911 PPA™ is able to benefit from federal, state and local incentives, tax credits, depreciation, and grant programs to further reduce your installation costs. We may be able to help your company qualify for incentives that were previously unavailable.


Combining our experience installing multi-megawatt projects with our ability to deal directly with top manufacturers and financers, we are able to pass the savings on to the customer. Construction and design teams allow efficient management of your project without sacrificing any part of quality or service.

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