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Solar Energy 911 only uses trusted brands and companies with strongest track record when choosing the equipment for the installation in your home!

Government Rebates

There are many different valuable incentives available, which are in place to encourage the use of renewable energy. These incentives are able to significantly lower the cost of your system and can make the difference in deciding whether or not the project would be profitable for the investor.

State and Local Rebate Programs

There are many different programs in existence that encourage businesses to switch over to solar power. Rebates differ depending on the program, with results showing costs being covered for up to 40% of the total system cost. These programs were designed as incentives for early solar power adapters. With time, these programs are depleting their allotted funds, now is the time to buy Solar and take full advantage of the savings available! Solar Energy 911 will identify all rebates for which your company may qualify.

Federal Tax Credits

A 30% investment tax credit can be earned through a federal tax incentive program to, again, help reduce the complete system cost.