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7.8 kW PV Solar System in Brentwood Village, CA. This project was more than just solar; it was coordination between complete re-roof, 2in insulation, and PV solar system.

Installation and Design

Solar Energy 911 is a full-service provider, giving the customer everything they need to upgrade to solar energy easily and affordably. The whole project will be overseen by our professional staff, and a solid contact will be provided to ensure that you are informed every step of the way. From professional engineering to installation, we are sure you will be happy with our high quality service and your new solar system.

Custom Designs for Your Home

We at Solar Energy 911 understand that each home is unique and customer needs and preferences may vary from project to project. We provide the knowledge and means necessary to create a custom solar system just for your home, based on your particular needs. See our Gallery for examples of previous systems designed by Solar Energy 911.

Solar Energy 911 engineers will perform a structural analysis on your home, in order to produce a full set of blueprints and designs. These plans will also contain specifications on your system components to ensure that everything is in working order, and plans will be sent to the local city government to obtain approval for any necessary building permits.

Quality Installation

Solar Energy 911 is a fully licensed, bonded and insured operation with 20+ years of solar and electrical experience. With over 3,000 kW installed, our team of professionals will build your solar system to the highest standard, using the highest quality equipment available.

A basic energy efficiency sweep will be performed on your property prior to installations that may help you further reduce your electric usage and/or costs.

Upon completion, we will schedule an inspection to confirm with your local building department that the installation follows local procedures. We will also ensure that your system is properly connected to the power grid with no interruptions.

From start to finish, we want to deliver and install your equipment stress free, and ensure that you have a system that you can be happy with for years to come. From financing options to custom designs, we are sure to find something that works for you!