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This beautiful home in Palmdale, CA hosts a 7 kW solar system on its roof. A little bit of roof work had to be done to ensure longevity of the system but here at Solar Energy 911 it’s our specialty!

Leasing vs PPA

In the past, homeowners would need to purchase expensive equipment (ranging from $15,000 to $60,000) to switch to solar. Now you are able to use leasing or a power purchase agreement, allowing you access to solar electricity for a low monthly payment.

Solar Energy 911 pays for everything from permits to the solar panels themselves, while you simply cover your monthly bill and enjoy the savings. With a Solar lease or SolarPPA you are able to enjoy the use of a home solar system without having to purchase and/or maintain the equipment.

Solar lease: Fixed monthly payment for your system. Monthly payments are consistent regardless of the amount of energy produced by the panels. 

Power purchase agreement: You pay for what you produce. Fixed payments allow you to pay only for the electricity that your system produces on a monthly basis.