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Commercial solar system in Burbank, CA designed implementing custom racking solution to go over the AC units that heavily populate the roof in order to deliver desired solar production.

Own Your System

If you have money in the bank that you want to put to good use, purchasing a solar system is the way to go. Owning is a great investment for someone looking to put their savings to good use, while reducing their carbon footprint. An article on CNET entitled ‘Econ 101: Solar panels increase home values’, explains how solar panels can increase the value of your home by 3 or 4%. This usually amounts to a value increase of about 70-100% of the total cost of a system.

Net Metering

When you own your own system, you may end up producing more energy than you are able to use, which will result in further savings on your electricity bill. Any net excess generations will be carried forward to your next month’s bill. At the end of the year the customer has the option to roll over their excess into next year, or they can receive credit for the energy surplus. Energy that you create need not go to waste!

System Monitoring

Residential system monitoring is provided with the installation and will allow you to track the progress of your energy use and future needs. The monitoring system will enable you to track the power generation of your system historically or in real time. You will be able to monitor, manage and control your entire solar system remotely.