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7.8 kW PV Solar System in Brentwood Village, CA. This project was more than just solar; it was coordination between complete re-roof, 2in insulation, and PV solar system.

Solar Leasing

A Solar Energy 911 lease will allow you affordable solar energy access, at a rate that works for you. With leasing options available, there is no need for large upfront costs.

Solar Energy 911 will cover the purchase and installation of the solar system.

Low fixed payments every month can supplement or even replace your upfront costs.

All equipment supplied by Solar Energy 911 comes complete with a 20 year warranty.

The Leasing Advantage

Pay What You Want. Solar leasing covers a 20 year period, but you have the option to pay the whole lease upfront, or 5 years with a lower monthly payment. You decide how much you want to put upfront. We’ll work together to find a payment plan that works for you.

Stress-Free.  Solar Energy 911 is fully responsible for the installation, monitoring and the repairing of solar equipment.

Low Fixed Cost.  You have the ability to be unaffected by rate increases in a time where there are steadily rising electric costs. We lock you in at a low rate, which will allow you complete control over your finances.