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4 kW solar installation in West Hills, CA. Great example that even a town house deserves a solar system and HOA does not mind, as long as you do it right, and we know how!

Customer Testimonials

We were tired of paying $400 to LADWP every two months and decided to look into solar. Our neighbors had a solar system installed on their roof by Solar Energy 911. Being the person that I am)) I had collected 5 quotes before asking Vince at Solar Energy 911 to give us his quote. I was surprised to find out that after sitting thru 5 solar presentations I still had so much to learn from Vince. He was very knowledgeable and presented information in the terms that I could understand. Their price was not the lowest but I felt safe and sure that I am in good hands. Now, I’m already over 2 mWh in produced electricity and my electric bill is $0!!! How cool is that? Thanks Vince and everyone at Solar Energy 911, you guys made it really easy to switch to solar!
Steven J,
Woodland Hills, CA
Bill and Vince thank you very much for making the dream come true! I wanted to go solar for few years but our house did not have any South or West facing roof without shade. Guys at Solar Energy 911 brought up the idea of constructing a patio in our backyard to house the solar system. What a great idea!!! Now, we have a patio that we wanted for awhile and a 7.5 kW solar system on top of it. Bye, bye electric bill, hello green energy!!!
Natalie and David P.
West Hills, CA
I have had my share of mishaps with contractors and therefore developed a BS meter which is extremely sensitive. Two out of three solar contractors that came to my house triggered the meter within first 15min. However, when Vince came over we spent almost 2 hours discussing system size and design. Right there and then I knew, he is the guy that will get the job done and he did. I will definitely recommend Solar Energy 911 to all my friends and family. Don't waste your time with other solar contractors, just call Solar Energy 911 and ask for Vince, you will see for yourself what I'm talking about.
Robert B.
Agoura Hills, CA
We used Solar Energy 911 to install a solar system and panels on our roof. There were a few instances after installation where they did not follow up with my calls, so that is why I did not give them all fives. But overall, my experience was fine.
Betty K.
Rowland Heights, CA
Solar Energy 911 were very accommodating and carried out the work in a professional manner they explained how the installation would work and the time table of the rebates and Taxes Etc and were spot on. They sized the system to my requirements and my bills are almost 0 !!
Yucaipa, CA
I did my due diligence researching and then contacting several companies. I got several different quotes before ultimately choosing Solar Energy 911. I did not know Solar Energy 911 from the next company, but they were right there in terms of price and I liked them. I found them to be exceptional. They did everything they said they would do, they were neat, and they cleaned up everyday, which my wife really appreciated. There was never any mess. I have since recommended them many times.
Carly F.
Quartz Hill, CA
Dear Vince, It was a pleasure to see you again.  Thanks so much for being so prompt and getting the repair done.

My wife and I had Solar Energy 911 install a solar system on our home in July 2009.  The total job was done without a hitch.  The installers were on time every day.  The complete job took 3 weeks and 2 days. Every day all the trash or waste was completely cleaned and ready for the next day.  Both my wife and I were completely satisfied with the job.  We would recommend Solar Energy 911 to do virtually any solar installation.  Our system is 8.6 Kilowatts and covers the vast majority of our electric use.  The year before our solar was installed, our electric bill for the year was a little over $4600.00.  The first year we had Solar, our total electric bill was $589.10.

Thanks again to the team at Solar Energy 911 for a job extremely well done.

Harley & Robin Frank
Quartz Hill, CA
From permitting to sign-off Vince was there every step of the way for our Solar Panel installation.

Always on time and communicated exactly what was happening at each step.  The work area was kept clean at the end of each day.

Vince gave expert advice on the installation.  Always answering the most simple and most intricate of our questions as the project continued.

He also helped out with a few unexpected projects along the way.

Vince is honest, kind, smart and sincere; a great contractor.
Lori and Darrell Anderson